Hi All and thank you for taking the time to look at the donation page. Scientia is a personal site that has no additional funding except from advertising. I am trying to keep the advertising to a minimal (as I too find them a nuisance) however they do help towards the costs of continuing this site.

As previously mentioned, the ad’s on Scientia are minimal and do not contribute to a huge income of funds. I am asking for the generosity of any and all that use and read the site. Any amount no matter how little all adds up and can help to make the site better with more features and more information.

If you are able to spare any amount (even 5 pence) it would be massively appreciated.

I am currently looking at developing a new mobile app that will link into the site directly, so again, any help with this would be awesome.

I will end this ‘begging’ with a final thank you to all the users and people of the internet 🙂

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